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There are several different air purifications systems available for the home, each serving their own purpose dependent on budget, location and square footage. One of these systems that have been trending are the UV air purification systems. 

How do Whole House UV Air Purification Systems Work?

Whole House UV Air Purifiers use a forced air system to collect and clean the air around you by collectively using internal UV lamps and an air filter. The system inactivates airborne pathogens and microorganisms such as mold, bacteria and viruses when exposed to the UV lamp by the forced air system.

Today air purifications with UV light are becoming more popular than ever before due to consumers increasing health knowledge and advancements in technology. Currently most residences have some form of air purification in their home. These standard purification systems may include eight inch thick flat extended media filters contained within lining vents, or the more expensive electronic filters that are incorporated into the ductwork. In this article,  we’ll be focusing on Ultraviolet Filters which are typically built-in components sold as add-ons to a whole-house electronic precipitator, the same filter hospitals trust!

Should I Buy a UV Air Purifier?

To understand your need for a UV Air Purifier and its usefulness, it’s essential to determine your current air quality. Poor air quality in your home or work can be evident if you, your loved ones, or your office companions suffer from unrelenting allergies or routine coughs, colds, and viruses.

As stated by the EPA, “indoor air levels of many pollutants may be 2-5 times” as high as those outdoors. An air purification system like a UV Air purifier can help boost the amount of clean air, lessening the total likelihood of pollutants and the spread of common colds drastically.

The Benefits of UV Air Purifiers

  • Can reduce or inactivate viruses, bacteria or mold that can be toxic or harmful.
  • Silent in operation.
  • Constant cleaning, even when the machine isn’t pushing air.
  • No physical filters utilized that can become blocked by dirt or dust.
  • Can reduce Allergies, Asthma, Dry Eyes, Headaches, Nausea, Fatigue and Nasal Congestion.
  • Reduces indoor odors.

The Cons of UV Air Purifiers

  • Will not remove most allergens, dust, or other solids.
  • Cost, as most systems can be expensive.
  • Reduction in efficiency, 15% of an ultraviolet light’s power may decrease.
  • UV lamps contain a small amount of mercury.
  • Continuous close contact with UV rays can be damaging.

Components of a UV Filter System

The main components of a UV system are:

  1. The reactor chamber, the part of the system that physically houses the UV lamp and controls the airflow.
  2. The UV lamp, different lamps perform this function in various ways,  depending on the application and disinfection requirements.
  3. The controller unit, the brains of the entire UV system that controls the electrical output of the lamp, and powers it to produce UV-C light.

UV Purifier Cost & Installation

Installation of a UV light for an HVAC system can cost anywhere from $400 to $2500 due to the specific wavelength the UV light emits, the type of UV light system you choose, features of the UV light system, and cost of labor. A Whole House UV Air Purifier itself can cost anywhere from $1,000 to over $5,000 depending on the one you choose.

  • Wavelength: UV lights that emit a higher output of UV-C light (at the 253.7 wavelength) are more expensive. Within the UV-C range, the strongest microbial-sterilization wavelength is 253.7 nm.
  • Type of UV light: Dependent on if you need an Air-Sterilizing Light because you or a loved one has serious allergies or asthma; or a Coil-Sterilizing Light that cleans the evaporator coil and drain pan. Air-sterilizing lights only turn on during cooling cycles but use more energy, whereas Coil-sterilizing lights are usually on 24/7 but use less energy.
  • Features: Additional features include a wireless remote, auto-sensing smart ballasts, an odor producing unit, and many more available features that’ll affect the price.

Once you’ve chosen the factor and features that best fit your lifestyle needs and budget, the next step is to find a HVAC professional for the installation. Air purifiers are essentially components of your HVAC system and must work properly with your heating and cooling equipment to deliver the benefits you expect. UV air purifiers use UV light bulbs that are installed directly within your HVAC system, targeting the ducts and coils.

Partnering with a dedicated HVAC contractor such as a nearby Luxaire Comfort Expert that will help ensure that your new Whole House UV Air Purification Systems will be effective in your house and work properly to effectively reduce air pollutants. Whether you need financing for your UV Air Purifiers or help finding the right HVAC contractor, we’re here to help.

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