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Finding the right HVAC contractor for your new HVAC system can seem daunting. To feel confident in who you're hiring, there are a few steps in the process and by following our tips your search will be a little easier. You will need to take the initiative by doing research, comparing prices, and asking plenty of questions. After you have a good understanding of who you’re considering to hire, make sure to get a quote with itemized expenses before finally agreeing on a signed legal document stating the agreed upon price and timeline.  

Steps & Tips to Choose the Right HVAC contractor

  1. Ask around
  2. Read reviews
  3. Ask questions
  4. Compare prices
  5. Request an assessment
  6. Get an itemized quote
  7. Make your decision

Ask around: Take advantage of your friends, family, and community by asking around for recommended HVAC professionals that have serviced them first hand. Getting as much information and recommendations from those you trust is key to starting your search on the right foot.

Read reviews: Once you’ve sought after personal reviews, the next step is to look online for certified reviews from paying customers. Make sure that each HVAC contractor you’re considering has maintained a positive track record and left customers feeling taken care of. To expedite the process, use a local HVAC contractor locator for certified Luxarei Comfort Experts in your area.

Ask questions: Each contractor that you’re considering should have up to date insurance and be licensed to service your individuals needs. Once that is determined, make sure to write down and ask any additional questions or concerns. You should feel comfortable and well-informed throughout the process, feeling confident that the answers you’re receiving are accurate and coming from a knowledgeable source.

Compare prices: Don’t sell yourself short by only receiving a single HVAC quote, ask about specials and different incentives from multiple contractors. Don’t just compare the quotes that you receive, but pay attention to project timelines, warranties and the reviews. The cheapest option does not mean that it’s the best one, lookout for too good to be true timelines and prices.

Home evaluation:  Make sure your contractor spends the appropriate amount of time evaluating your home's needs and isn’t giving you a ballpark assessment. Have your contractor explain the assessment process and the formulas that they’re going through when recommending a HVAC unit for your home. 

A HVAC contractor should recommend a system based on your house size, insulation, windows, and your overall expectations of features and efficiency. Be on the lookout for a contractor who inspects your duct work without being coerced into doing it by you, these are the good ones. A good contractor can discover any air leaks and insulation issues, along with measuring the airflow to make sure it meets manufacturers’ specifications.

Get an itemized quote: Contractors should have a thorough itemized quote available to you before you sign on the dotted line. An itemized breakdown should include individual equipment costs, overall labor cost, and additional warranties.

Get it in writing: Possibly the most important step in the process is to get an official HVAC proposal in writing, agreed to by both parties. Why does this matter? Well, on top of having an official agreed upon price point, this also protects you by specifying project costs, model numbers, job schedule and warranty information. A contract should contain:

  • Agreed upon work and completion dates.
  • Labor and equipment itemized costs.
  • Payment due dates.

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Finding the right HVAC service shouldn’t be too complicated and Luxaire Comfort Experts are here to help you easily find the right HVAC contractor. Partnering with a certified Luxaire Cofmort Expert HVAC contractor will help ensure that your new HVAC Systems will be effective in your house, working not just effectively but also efficiently. Whether you need financing for your new HVAC System or help getting started with a HVAC contractor locator, we’re here to help.

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